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At Coco Palm Hotel

Coco Palm Creole Grill 2019

At Creole Carpark, Coco Palm Hotel

Lunch Menu

Salt fish, Cassava farine and avocado balls Salted Cod, Cassava Flour (Farine), Avocados and local fresh herbs

Portion: EC$ 5 | Side order: EC$ 2

Saltfish accras

Fritters made with salted cod mixed with flour, herbs, spices anddeep-fried

Portion: EC$ 5 | Side order: EC$ 2

Traditional green fig and salt fish salad

Boiled green bananas and salt fish mixed with carrots, green peas, peppers, fresh herbs and mayonnaise

Portion: EC$ 5 | Side order: EC$ 3

Roast Corn

Char grilled corn on the cob

EC$ 3

Cucumber Salad

Fresh pickled cucumbers with lime juice and herbs

EC$ 2

Pumpkin and Spinach Pie

EC $4

Christophine au gratin

Pureed steamed christophine topped with cheese and baked

EC$ 4

Bread fruit balls

Mashed steamed breadfruit seasoned with fresh herbs, breaded and fried

EC$ 2

Fried bakes (floats) / Roast bakes

EC$ 1

Pork trotter souce

Braised pork trotters in vegetable stock, lemon juice and local seasoning

EC$ 8

Avocado salad EC$ 3
Island stew pork EC$ 12
Smoked Herring Chiquetaille EC$ 10
Saltfish Souskay EC$ 10
Black pudding EC$ 10
Kreyol Cray Fish EC$ 28
Steamed potfish in Bananna Leaf EC$ 18
Red Bean and Pigtail Bouillon EC$ 15
Callaloo, Crab and Dumplings EC$ 15
Curried Goat (Colombo) EC$ 15
Island stewed Rabbit EC$ 18

Ground provision

(Plantain, dasheen, breadfruit, green fig, yams, sweet potato)

EC$ 3

Steamed Breadnut

EC$ 3

From the Grill

Marinated lambi EC$ 28
Piton and citrus brine whole chicken EC$ 15
Fish steak en papillote EC$ 18
Lobster with creole vinaigrette Half: EC$ 60
  Whole: EC$ 95
Octopus fricassee EC$ 28


Lucian Paime

A local delicacy made of cornmeal, flour,raisins, coconut, sugar and other ingredients, wrapped and steamed in a banana leaves

EC$ 5

Coconut cake EC$ 3
Turnovers EC$ 3
Koupe EC$ 3

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